King Karl Johan Empire Antiques

Drop leaf table made in Stockholm, Sweden. Details according to the periods highest fashion such as lion feet and lions head. The drawers keyhole is elegantly hidden behind the gilded lions head.

Authored By Liza Laserow

1810 the french officer Jean Babtiste Bernadotte came to southern Sweden accompanied by one of Napoleons marshals Monsieur Bernadotte , the man who was going to become King Karl XIV Johan. It was at this time the French Empire style came to Sweden. Napoleons architects: Charles Percier and Pierre Fontaine developed the style in France during the late 1790. They took Neoclassicism and gave it (Read More.....)

Christophe Decarpentrie’s Studio

Cloistered away in Brussels the studio of interior designer Christophe Decarpentrie and his partner, Abel Naessens, is a haven full of the fabric swatches, marble samples and drawing boards expected of their practice. But it's also home to a cache of curiosities - from a Kerala canoe to a full-size wooden horse - as we discover in the April issue of The World of Interiors. Once used in 19th-century Britain to display saddles, this horse has a good view out of the 1920's picture windows. On the other side of the central staircase - based on that of a South African winegrower - the (Read More.....)

Improve Your Empire Interior And Furniture With A Marble Finish

Faux Marble Painted Linoleum Floors In A Brooklyn Rental- Apartment Therapy

The uniquely textured look of marble can add a regal and sophisticated touch to any interior space. Trouble is, marble can also grab a chunk of change out of your wallet. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to achieve this look in your home without having to spend all that money?

There is – if you don’t mind a little paint and hard work. It’s (Read More.....)

Marry Together Wood With Metal

Design is the constant and ever-evolving process of deconstructing and reconstructing," says South African designer Michou Osterwald. This designer gilds beautiful hand-carved bowls and trays with the goal
of taking something from nature and reconstructing it into something luxury.  The fusion of nature and metal has been a big trend of the past year, and Osterwald predicts that it will grow for years to come. "No one really thinks up anything totally new, but we combine stuff differently!"

Aerin Lauder's home line also features decorative accessories dipped in gold.  Beautiful seashells are gold painted adds a bit of luxury to (Read More.....)

A Grand Renovation In Spain: Designer Lorenzo Castillo’s Madrid Home

Lorenzo Castillo's Showroom

Designer Lorenzo Castillo's Madrid home was featured in the Elle Decor's April 2012 Issue, and it still has everyone talking. Lorenzo Castillo, a Spanish designer stumbles upon a 17th century building that romances his imaginations so much, ...that two days later, he buys the place and moves in. That was 10 years ago, and since then, he has moved into a bigger space in the same building, which was featured in (Read More.....)

Empire Furniture Found In A Lithuania Palace

The Republic of Lithuania Palace is decorated with extravagant Empire Furnishings. The Room of Delegations is used for official meetings with delegations. Empire furnishings in karelian birch veneers. The White Hall is the main ceremonial hall of the Palace, used for the presentation of credentials, award ceremonies and meetings of delegations with the President. White furniture with gilt ornaments are replicas of the Palace furniture. The Blue Room is used for meetings of the President. Two authentic Swedish style fireplaces sit in the room, each ranging from the 19th century. (Read More.....)

Great Flooring Ideas For The Empire Styled Home

One way of making a statement in a home is to give attention to the flooring. If a home has great flooring, excessive furniture isn't necessary. Consider investing in great wood floors, marble or stone floors. Even Vinyl Stick-On Tiles can look quite attractive if they are laid out in a pattern.

Here are a few inexpensive choices that could give you a very high end appearance......

1. Wood

Wood can be stripped, sanded, stained, and painted making it one of the very options to work with.

- Lumber Liquidators has a beautiful selection (Read More.....)