The Klismos Chair

Klismos Chair -By Home Beautiful

Klismos Chair -By Home Beautiful

House Beautiful Klismos Chairs

House Beautiful published an interesting article on the famous Klismos original and the many reproductions that followed it.

I think everyone who has a classical eye, is loving the fact that the Klismos chair is […]

Greek Revival Bartow-Pell Mansion’s Empire Furnishings

A triumph of American spirit and creativity, the Bartow-Pell Mansion is one of the best preserved Greek Revival structures in America. It remains a country estate; open to the public, complete with surrounding parklands and gardens, which enhance the pleasures of the visitors’ experience.

Influenced by Minard Lafever (1797-1854), one of the most talented […]

How to Choose an Antique Rug

Malplaquet House Featured on (In)Decorous Taste Blog

Antique rugs are becoming increasingly difficult to find–rare treasures that contain within their fibers memories and stories from the past. Because they are tough to come by these days, antique rugs can be quite expensive. With that in mind, there are a few […]

15 Mindblowing Ways To Make Dark Interiors Come Alive

House Beautiful featured a dynamic home based around rich French design. The house belongs to Annie Brahler whom is an obvious collector of fine French furniture. She shares a love like most of us for French furnishings, and it is so exciting to see what another collector has done with her home. […]