Dark Color Schemes In Classical Interiors

Belgian Pearls blog posted some amazing pictures of photographer Claude Smekens work. His wife Magda Desmet, who is a stylist and decorator work for several renowned Belgian interior design magazines. Look at the deep colors in this classical interior. Dark gray walls and stone flooring make rich gilt furniture and accessories stand […]

French Empire Furniture And Decorating Ideas

CG Sparks sells this stunning iron and glass Accordion Side Table in Brass for only $169. Inspired by the timeless accordion table, this table can function in any environment. A mirrored top creates a bit of sparkle while the brass finish makes a warm tone.

This table was made in the deserts […]

How To Achieve A Venetian Plaster Finish

Venetian plaster is a plastering technique which uses a fine delicate layer of of lime plaster, which is then polished to give a glossy appearance. This type of finish is known as Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, and Stucco Lustro Veneziano and has been used throughout history starting in Egyptian times. Venetian Plastering was used by […]

Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti’s Empire Decorated Home

Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti founder of Vivre.com travels the world in search of artists that create beautiful home furnishings, clothing, jewelry, and gift items. Native of Switzerland, Lorenzotti set out 17 years ago for America, and since she has built a mini-empire, generating about $50 million a year by retailing luxury goods in catalogs and […]