Empire Decorating: Geometric Painted Flooring

Patterned floors are a trademark of French styled interiors, and have been seen in the Hollywood Regency styled interiors in the last 10 years.

One of the commonly used floor tile designs is the “checkerboard”. It consists of an alternating black & white pattern. This pattern is seen in the most prestigious castles of Europe. The “hexagonal pattern” consists in rows of tiles of a hexagonal shape, which is most famous in French countryside estates.

The “herringbone pattern” is another pattern the French have mastered. The pattern is commonly laid down in a ‘V’-shaped repetition. Wood planks or tiles are diagonally placed vertically.

If you are beginner, consider starting with a checkered tile pattern, This pattern can be turned diagonally, and paired with rectangle patterns around the edge which will complete the pattern quite nicely.

To start, divide the surface of the floor into quarters with chalk lines. This will be especially helpful for laying down tiles of various colors and shapes. This will allow you to review all the different designs before cutting tiles and wood.


Stark white is often a color you see in Empire furniture, and it looks absolutely wonderful paired with white based fabrics that have a punch of color.  Empire decorating is known for the really vibrant colors, which is often seen in upholstered Empire furniture. Dramatic floor patterns can really spice up a room and make it more This picture reminds me of the very sought after Biedermeier styled furniture that is based on the lighter woods such as blond woods and birch which were found around the Scandinavian areas.  Biedermeier furniture stretched forth from Stockholm, Sweden and and encompassed Germany, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The floor in this photo would be absolutely stunning if it was combined with the lighter colored Biedermeier furniture.  The floor combines the perfect combination of wood, and painted features that look much like the geometrical pattern that we so commonly find in Empire decorating.

Empire Decorating Painted Floors

Now if you look at this picture and the picture above of the Château de Groussay, you will see, they are almost identical.  The grid of the white and black is much larger in the Château de Groussay compared to the pattern in this picture that was featured in Elle Decor.  Both floors are amazing, but if I were to choose, I do think the added detail of the natural wood really adds to the overall look, and the overall width of the box pattern looks better larger.

Empire Decorating Ideas: Stunning Geometric Flooring From Simply Irresistible Designs Blog

Empire Decorating Ideas: Stunning Geometric Flooring From Simply Irresistible Designs Blog

Empire Decorating :Geometric Floor By Dean Barger Studios for Eric Cohler

Kay Douglass and Dixie Peeples' Wine Cellar

Kay Douglass and Dixie Peeples’ Wine Cellar From Peak of Chic Blog

Geometric Painted Floors Seen on Million Dollar Decorators

Here you can see how a white floor can look terrific with a lighter accenting color. Here they used a gray and white, and less of a condensed pattern. You can see how beautifully highlighted the gilt furniture looks against white.
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