The Beauty Behind Biedermeier Furniture

Antique Biedermeier Furniture – Ritter Antik

A remarkable example of how furniture design can reflect great historical events is provided by the emergence of the Biedermeier style after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo in 1815. The mood of the people of Europe changed – and the style […]

King Karl Johan Empire Antiques

Drop leaf table made in Stockholm, Sweden. Details according to the periods highest fashion such as lion feet and lions head. The drawers keyhole is elegantly hidden behind the gilded lions head.

Authored By Liza Laserow

1810 the french officer Jean Babtiste Bernadotte came to southern Sweden accompanied by one of Napoleons marshals […]

Outstanding Biedermeier Furniture

House Beautiful featured a wonderful 1905 Edwardian San Francisco house that had a stunning Biedermeier armoire against chocolate painted room. The wood gives this rooom a natural feelThe living room’s gracious proportions are enhanced by a symmetrical, balanced arrangement of furnishings and objects. A collection of white ceramics pops against the dark […]