Flooring Fit For Empire Style Decorating

Hemma Hos Viktoria Hamberg

This wonderful picture that was featured on Decorology features a geometrical tiled floor.

Astor Courts, a 15,000 square foot estate in Rhinebeck, NY

Candida Fisher

Candida Fisher Designed By Aman & Carson […]

Presidential Decorative Statue Busts

If you are looking for a bust, why not go with a civil war president, one of the American founding Fathers of the United States. Great Americans on Amazon sells 21 busts of the most memorable leaders of America. Buy them on Amazon from $23 dollars […]

Empire Furnishings- An Apartment in Bilbao, Spain

This beautiful apartment was renovated by the architectural firm of Itziar Echebarría who created an elegant home for a family with three children.

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How To Achieve A Venetian Plaster Finish

Venetian plaster is a plastering technique which uses a fine delicate layer of of lime plaster, which is then polished to give a glossy appearance. This type of finish is known as Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, and Stucco Lustro Veneziano and has been used throughout history starting in Egyptian times. Venetian Plastering was used by […]