Empire Furniture Found In A Lithuania Palace

The Republic of Lithuania Palace is decorated with extravagant Empire Furnishings. The Room of Delegations is used for official meetings with delegations. Empire furnishings in karelian birch veneers. The White Hall is the main ceremonial hall of the Palace, used for the presentation of credentials, award ceremonies and meetings of delegations with the President. […]

Great Flooring Ideas For The Empire Styled Home

One way of making a statement in a home is to give attention to the flooring. If a home has great flooring, excessive furniture isn’t necessary. Consider investing in great wood floors, marble or stone floors. Even Vinyl Stick-On Tiles can look quite attractive if they are laid out in a pattern.


7 Ways to Care for Antique Furniture

Because of its age, rarity, monetary or sentimental value, antique furniture requires special care to preserve its beauty and integrity. Improper handling, inadequate storage spaces, poor placement, and cleaning products not designed with antique finishes in mind are just some of the things that can cause your precious pieces to slowly deteriorate–and sadly, most […]

Neoclassical Furniture

Modernism Gallery has listed a wonderful pair of neoclassical silver leaf arm chairs that aren’t pieces that you see every day. The arms of the chairs are carved swans with their wings extended to the top of the crest rail. The swans, chair back and front and rear saber legs give the […]